Course Summary

Course Summary
The intention of this course is to help adults who are speakers of other languages who need to learn English for life and work in the UK. The course will help you improve the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills you will need for everyday life and to get a job.
Topics include:

• Filling in a form
• Registering with the GP
• Booking an appointment with the GP
• Telling the time.

The course will also help you develop the ability to use ICT for communication and further classes and boost confidence in speaking.
Adults who are speakers of other languages who need to learn English for life and work in the UK
• No previous experience required
• No formal qualification required
• Need to have access to a smart phone, an iPad or a computer
• Need to have access to internet

Prosp User 3
This is a non-accredited course. On successful completion, you will gain an in-house college certificate of achievement. Prosp User 4
Your teaching and learning will include:
• on-line learning
• independent learning including watching YouTube tutorials and Kahoot assignements
• small and large group discussions
• role playing
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You will be assessed by
• course assignments
• practical tasks
• verbal assessment and feedback
• tutorials, targets review and feedback
• written assessment and feedback
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A successful completion of this course will help you to progress onto a next stage of non-accredited ESOL course, ESOL with Employability or to an ESOL, IT, Maths, Hairdressing, Fashion, Sugarcraft, Nail Art accredited courses at one of our Brent Start centres. Prosp User 7
• Pens, paper, folder. Prosp User 8
2.00 hrs per wk
11 weeks